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Visit of Cambricon’s CEO – Tianshi Chen and the delegation

On the afternoon of 30th November 2018, the founder and CEO of Beijing Zhongke Cambricon Science and Technology Co., Ltd. – Chen Tianshi , Vice President – Wang Zaiyi and the delegation came to visit Veken Group. Vice Mayor of Ningbo – Chen Bingrong, Secretary of Commission of Haishu District of Ningbo – Sun Liming, Chairman and President of Veken Group He Chengming, Vice President Ma Donghui and Su Weijun received them warmly.

Dr. Chen Tianshi introduced the development of Cambricon, he emphatically introduced the product line and competitive advantage of Cambricon, and expounded idea of how Cambricon will assist upgrading of intelligent industry in Ningbo. On the basis of the traditional data centre, he planned to build Ningbo's intelligent computing platform as an infrastructure of computing power to achieve the smart upgrade of the data centre. One the level of applying, we gather Cambricon’s ecological chain partners in the field of artificial intelligence, to promote the various kinds of artificial intelligence application development in Ningbo and build the "Ningbo model" under the artificial intelligence circumstance, which including attracting investment with computing power, intelligent city, energise traditional industry and etc.

Beijing Zhongke Cambricon Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Unicorn start-up company in the global AI chip field invested by Veken as the GP manager of State investment venture capital fund. Cambricon is the pioneer in the global smart chip field and the first smart chip company in the world with successful tape-out and mature products. The MLU100 machine learning processor chip, which launched in 2018, outperforms CPU and GPU in terms of performance and power consumption when running mainstream intelligent algorithms. Its mission is to build all kinds of Intelligent Cloud servers, intelligent terminals and core processor chips of intelligent robots, so that machines can better understand and serve human beings.

State investment venture capital fund was set up by China SDIC Gaoxin Industrial Investment Corp., LTD with a scale of 12 Billion Chinese Yuan, which focusing on the strategic target of transformation of major national scientific and technological achievements, focusing on forward-looking strategic high-tech industries. Veken Group formally invested in State investment venture capital fund of China as GP in 2016.