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Veken Technology starts the intelligent new age of new energy lithium battery industry

On October 16, the automatic intelligent production line of 3C digital lithium battery in Phase I of Dongguan Veken Battery Co., Ltd. fully invested by Veken Technology Co., Ltd. (the stock code 600152) conducted mass production and held the pening ceremony. It means that Veken transforms its technical strategy, aims to become the international 3C digital premium lithium battery supplier and makes for the new intelligent age.

Guests that attended the opening ceremony of Veken Battery in Dongguan include related leaders of municipal government departments including Zhang Guanzi, member of standing committee and vice mayor of Dongguan, He Zhiyao, secretary of Hengli Town, Town Governor Tan Chun and related leaders of the town government, Li Wei, secretary of newly built district in Nanchang and related leaders, Tian Pingyue, President of Ningbo Industrial Investment and related leaders; The brand clients including VDF, Wingtech, Transsion, MobiWire, Nubia, SimpleX, Asus, Tsinghua Tongfang, Getac, MOTO, Lenovo, Hisense and Hixih; Media such as Shanghai Securities News; Member of board of directors and board of supervisors of Veken Holding Group, Veken Technology Co., Ltd. and the subsidiary industry companies, with 200 participants in total.

At the opening ceremony, He Chengming, President of Veken Group and Veken Technology Co., Ltd. made the welcoming speech. President He highly praised the Dongguan team for our success in realizing production within five months and our confidence and ability of providing better products and services for client with our action. He fully praised the strategic meaning of Dongguan Veken Battery of the planning implementation and industrial upgrade of new energy development of Veken Technology. He also firmly believed that Veken Technology must realize their new strategic objectives with the support of partners and all walks of life.

Yang Dongwen, CEO of Veken Technology Co., Ltd. made introductions to the guests in terms of the three-year straetgic planning of the joint-stock company, operation principle and partner win-win mechanism. In face of the high-speed development opportunity of the new energy industry, Veken Technology takes new energy lithium battery as the development orientation, takes the mission of "providing safe, reliable, stable and high-performance lithium battery product for clients", and aims to become the most excellent battery product supplier worldwide and the overall solution expert of secondary energy. It maintains the leading status in the 3C digital battery field and becomes the premium supplier of first-tier brand users; The power battery field is characterized by the system solution. It actively expands the application in the new field, realizes the differentiated development of power battery and becomes the leader of the market segment. It also exerts the advantage of the capital market, rapidly expands the industry and creates a bright future for Veken Technology!

Zhang Qi, Vice President of Transsion, Tan Chun, Governor of Hengli Town, Guan Jiantao, Vice Deputy of Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau represented the partners, Hengli Town Government and Dongguan Government to make speeches respectively, and showed their best wishes to Dongguan Veken Battery and Veken Technology.

In the most exciting ribbon-cutting moment on the ceremonial event, He Chengming, President of Veken Group, Yang Dongwen, President of Veken Technology, Tian Pingyue, President of Ningbo Industrial Investment Group, Zeng Qinghui, Vice President of Asus, Wang Wenhe, Supervisor of OPPO took the gold scissors and jointly cut a better future for Dongguan Veken Battery!

After the on-site sections of the opening ceremony ended, the R&D, technique and production backbones of Dongguan team led more than 10 batches of guests to visit the full automatic production line and R&D detection center of the company, so that the guests could see the charm of the intelligent factory.

Dongguan Veken Battery is not only a highly automatic factory, but also an advanced digital intelligent factory. The project also brings in SAP system software and highly integrates various management software within the enterprise. In terms of professionalized intelligent management, it introduces in APS intelligent scheduling system, MES intelligent manufacturing management system, PDM product data management system, PLM product life cycle management system, CRM client relationship management system, SRM supplier management system, and constructs the advanced intelligent manufacturing system of lithium ion battery, thus realizing the whole-process monitoring of each product data, the whole-process trace of each client order and truly entering the sequence of intelligent factory in the real sense!