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New starting point, new look and new fashion: The new address of the headquarters of VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD in Shenzhen

At 8:00 a.m. on July 31st, 2018, the headquarters of Veken China in Shenzhen was relocated to Mindray Building. The staff were enthusiastic and full of spirit to participate in the relocation celebration. The Chairman of Veken China and VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD called He Chengming, the CEO of VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD called Yang Dongwen, the Vice President of Veken China called Lu Jun and the Vice General Manager of VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD called Chen Liangqin attended it.

As an A-share listed company based on the new energy, VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is positioned as a leading supplier of new energy batteries and expert in overall solutions. It is focused on the development of 3C digital batteries, power batteries and intelligent electronic devices. Its customers mainly include some well-known brands at home and abroad such as Huawei, Xiaomi, MOTO, Intel, DJI and Zhejiang Guozi Robotics Co., Ltd. 

At present, the headquarters in Shenzhen is composed of many excellent enterprises and teams such as a company related to industrial investment called Shenzhen VEKEN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, a company to serve some major customers like Xiaomi called Shenzhen VEKEN Demi Technology Co., Ltd, a company to create the future intelligent household appliances and digital household product brands called Shenzhen Yiweishan Technology Co., Ltd and a company with fourteen years of experience in the new energy industry called the Sales Headquarters of Ningbo VEKEN Battery Co, Ltd. They are committed to develop VEKEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD into the global best battery product supplier and new energy battery solution expert together.