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Dreaming the Heart and Renewing the Youthfulness——Take a Victory Group's 20 Years of Reform and Development

  On May 12, 2018, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled. This research institute, which is jointly built by China National Control Group, State Investment Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Veken Group, will lead the Ningbo “Made in China 2025” construction to a new journey. The successful landing of the Industrial Internet series project has added a touch of color to Veeco's transformation and development journey.

  The Veken Group originated from the 1905 Ningbo Hyundai Industrial Co., Ltd., which is one of the “three half-half chimneys”. With the evolution of the industrial civilization in Ningbo for more than a century, the Veken Group has adopted the concept of "the essence of condensed fiber technology." The company has continuously developed and expanded into a diversified industrial group that “creates a better life”. Today, Veken is revitalized and is rapidly rising to become a new mission of adhering to the “scientific and technological innovation life” with new energy, new materials, smart technologies, etc. The high-tech industry investment group focused on the field.
  “Virkon must not forget the heart of science and technology, keep up with the pace of the times, and accelerate the seizure of the commanding heights in the future of smart technology.” He Chengming, chairman and president of the Veken Group, discourses with a loud voice.

Dreaming the heart and recreating a "New Veken"

  Since the beginning of 2016, Veken Group formally established the development orientation of the High-tech Industry Investment Group, adhering to the concept of cooperation for win-win cooperation with foreign companies and sharing of domestic partnerships, and continuously investing in and expanding high-tech industries focusing on new energy, new materials, and smart technologies. A new era of Veken's landmark development was opened.
  After nearly 15 years of development, Veken battery has become a leading domestic expert in new energy battery solutions. In 2017, it successfully injected the listed company's Vickers technology (formerly known as “Viclink Essence”) and introduced domestic first-class entrepreneurs to be listed. The company's strategic shareholders and CEOs led the top management and technical teams to build the international leading new energy industry benchmarking companies; in the same year, the world’s top five and domestic top-ranking Veken screens successfully listed the new three boards, becoming the first three new boards in the domestic wire mesh industry. As for listed companies, the technical strengths such as R&D, weaving, and post-finishing have continued to increase, and applications have continued to expand in high-end areas such as touch screens, electronic circuit boards, acoustic filters, and chemical filtration.
  In 2016, it established a strategic investment partnership with China National Hi-Tech Industry Investment Co., Ltd., and became a GP manager of the Ten-Gold SDIC Hi-Tech Venture Capital Fund. The fund currently under management and participation in management is close to RMB 50 billion. The investment includes the Cambrian Period, Dozens of companies in strategic and high-tech industries such as Liang Weichao, Jin Ruiqi, and 360 Security Group have effectively promoted the transformation of national high-tech achievements; in 2018, they took the lead in SDIC high-tech and cooperated with the Ningbo Municipal Government to jointly set up SDIC (Ningbo) Technology. The Achievement Transformation Fund focuses on the development of advanced manufacturing industries in Ningbo and surrounding areas, helping Ningbo to lead the “Made in China 2025”.
   323/5000 Zài dàlì tóuzī fāzhǎn zì yǒu jí níngbō běndì gāoxīn chǎnyè de tóngshí, wéi kē gòuzhù gèng dà de fǎ zhǎn píngtái, bùduàn tàzhǎn zīyuán yǐnrù zhèjiāng nǎizhì quánguó de gāoxīn chǎnyè jíjù níngbō, wèi níngbō xiānjìn zhìzào, zhìhuì jīngjì fāzhǎn zhùrù qiángjìng dònglì. Cǐ cì, yóu wéi kē zuòwéi qiāntóu fāng jí fāqǐ gǔdōng dì níngbō gōngyè hùliánwǎng yán jiù yuàn xìliè xiàngmù dì chénggōng luòdì, yòu chéngwéi níngbō gōngyè fāzhǎn shǐshàng jùyǒu lǐchéngbēi yìyì de yī jiàn dàshì, jiāng dàlì tuīdòng níngbō shì zhìzào yè shùzìhuà, wǎngluò huà, zhìnéng huà de gǎizào shēngjí, zhùlì níngbō chuàngjiàn “zhōngguó zhìzào 2025” guójiā jí shìfàn qū, gòujiàn níngbō fāzhǎn de xīn dòngnéng; tóngshí, níngbō gōngyè hùliánwǎng yán jiù yuàn yǒuxiàn gōngsī zuòwéi gāo kējì gōngsī de fūhuà jīdì, zài shǒu qī xíngchéng gōngyè cāozuò xìtǒng, gōngyè kòngzhì ānquán hé zhìnéng kòngzhì xīnpiàn sān dà chǎnyè de tóngshí, hòuqí jiāng bùduàn fūhuà xiānjìn zhìzào, réngōng zhìnéng, gōngyè wù liánwǎng děng zhànlüè xìng gāo kējì gōngsī, jìnyībù zhīchēng wéi kē, níngbō nǎizhì quánguó de zhìnéng kējì chǎnyè kuàisù fāzhǎn. While investing heavily in the development of its own and high-tech industries in Ningbo, Veken has built a bigger platform for development and continued to expand its resources to attract high-tech industries from Zhejiang to the whole country to gather in Ningbo, injecting strong driving force for Ningbo's advanced manufacturing and smart economic development. This time, the successful landing of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute series project led by Veken as the lead party and sponsoring shareholder has become a milestone event in the history of Ningbo's industrial development. It will vigorously promote the digitization and networking of Ningbo's manufacturing industry. Intelligent transformation and upgrading will help Ningbo create a “China Made 2025” national demonstration zone and build a new kinetic energy for Ningbo development. At the same time, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd. as an incubation base for high-tech companies will form an industrial operating system in the first phase. At the same time, industrial control security and intelligent control chip three major industries at the same time, the latter will continue to incubate advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, industrial networking and other strategic high-tech companies, to further support the rapid development of science and technology industry in Vico, Ningbo and even the whole country.
  After 20 years of trials and hardships, Veken started from the original traditional textile enterprise and experienced a wave of reforms and baptisms of the changing times. However, the Vickers' spirit of hard work and struggle and the concept of incentives for value creation are on the path of reform and development. Continuous breakthroughs in innovation and self-reform have created one after another development miracle, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of Vico under the high-tech industry.

Reformed rebirth, traditional textile companies Phoenix Nirvana

  Retrospective history: On May 18, 1998, in the face of the difficult situation in which national textile enterprises were struggling and closing down, Ningbo state-owned textile enterprises took the lead in opening up the reforms of state-owned enterprises, through a series of reforms such as the integration of industries, asset concentration, and unified operations. Effectively aggregating Ningbo's state-owned textile enterprises' technological, team, market, and other resource advantages, Ningbo Veken Group, which is based on the concept of “concentrated fiber technology,” was established. Through several years of adjustments and developments, the original city’s overall advantages in the textile industry have been brought into full play. Like the phoenix nirvana, it gradually radiates new vitality and vitality, and its overall competitiveness has been continuously improved.
  Reform and reorganization is only the first step in the Long March. In the face of fierce market competition and brutal pressures for survival, under the leadership of the Ningbo municipal government, Veken has launched a new round of more radical fundamental reforms since 2002, namely the “property rights system and labor employment system”. Reforms. Veken follows the “pilot advancement and steadily advance” work concept to eliminate all difficulties and positively straighten out the two major issues that restrict the development of the company: property rights relations and labor relations; at the same time, it actively follows the principle of ruthless reform and sensible operation, not only one-off Employees are fully paid for their economic compensation, and they try their best to reduce the number of employees entering the society, expand the channels of employment by all possible means, assume many social responsibilities, and demonstrate the style of a responsible large company.
  The successful completion of the two institutional reforms has enabled Veken to fundamentally eliminate the various institutional and institutional deficiencies of traditional state-owned enterprises, and has added wings to the rejuvenated Veken, operating income, net profits, and total taxation. The brand value is at the forefront of Ningbo and even the national textile industry, which has created a unique “Victoria model” for the Chinese textile industry.

Innovation Leads and Draws on Diversified Industry Map

  With the continuous development and growth of the textile industry, Veeco, which has won the first-mover advantage through reform, has actively sought business opportunities and relied on innovative mechanisms to implement a diversified expansion strategy. In 2004, the company was officially renamed as Veken Holding Group Co., Ltd., which enabled Vico to enter a new phase of transformation and upgrading across regions and industries.
  On the basis of the original textile industry, Veken Textile has implemented multiple strategies such as going back to the city to enter the park, industrial mergers and acquisitions, and coming in and going out. It is internationally similar to "Itochu", "Marubeni", "Nisshinbo", and the United States A&E. The international textile giants have developed multi-level cooperation and formed a number of textile industry bases in Ningbo, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, and Anhui, becoming one of the few large-scale textile companies in China with the most complete textile industry chain and capable of mastering the upstream and downstream supply chains. One of the enterprise groups; now the textile and garment industry of Veken takes science and technology as the guide, and strives to build a new type of manufacturing center with vertical integration of technology, fashion, and green, and strives to shape the advantages of Veken's textile and apparel.
  At the same time, Vico relies on the advantages of traditional textiles to continuously expand the fields of high-end fabrics and industrial textiles through the transformation of looms and technology upgrades. In 2006, it cooperated with Japan KB to develop high-end screens. Through internal research and development and the introduction of an overseas team of engineers, it took only a few years to master the core technology, break the monopoly of technology and products of international manufacturers, and become the most professional mid-high order in the country. Wire mesh R&D, manufacturing and sales companies. In 2012, on the basis of its advantages in manufacturing home textile fabrics, Veken also explored the field of high-end automotive fabrics, digested and absorbed advanced Japanese technologies, and researched and developed weaving high-end jacquard automotive fabrics. The products are widely used in high-end car markets such as Toyota and Honda.
  In 2004, Veken formally entered the new energy lithium battery industry. From a small battery plant with a sales volume of only tens of millions, it has continued to grow and become a large-brand battery with a sales volume of over 1.2 billion. The products cover 3C digital batteries and power batteries. Business. The company has national academician expert workstations, provincial-level enterprise technology centers, and Ningbo, Shenzhen, Dongguan, India, Daman, and other battery cores and PACK intelligent manufacturing bases. It is supported by the development, application and data production lines of new materials and has gradually established itself in China. 3C's leading position in digital and differentiated power batteries.
  Veken's trade started from the simple export of textile products and experienced the ups and downs of the international trade situation. Now it has developed into a comprehensive international trading company focusing on bulk material trade, establishing upstream resource partners from foreign countries, harbor storage bases, and futures. The complete bulk material period from delivery warehouse to domestic distribution channels is now combined with the trade chain to provide raw material support for the development of high-tech industries such as new energy and new materials.
  From the waterfront mood to Veeco's upper court, from Zhenjiang Jiangzhou Mingzhou to Huai'an Royal Garden, from Yuehu Garden to Wangjiang, Veken Real Estate is a local top three real estate development company and a member of the Midtown Alliance Corporation. The unique features such as the landscape design of houses, smart home applications, and property management reputation have won recognition and praise from the market. Veken's “Hospital” series, “Waterfront” series, and “Garden” series have won numerous national awards. Local and other awards, Veken waterfront mood was rated as the only national property management model community in Ningbo so far, creating a leading edge in the real estate market, highlighting the brand value of Veken real estate.
  Veken Investment actively builds a full lifecycle investment value chain from VC, PE to IPO with first-mover advantage and flexible mechanism. The investment shares, Tembang International, Dragon Management, Lily, Pure Tech, and Finance Dozens of companies such as securities have successfully listed their A shares. At the same time, Donghai Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 to establish a life-cycle financing leasing and asset operating system and become the leading enterprise for financing lease in the Yangtze River Delta. In 2016, it became the first batch of mixed-owned private enterprise cooperation of China's SDIC High-tech Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. Target, the official investment in the first phase of the 12 billion SDIC high-tech venture capital fund, officially opened a new era of investment in Vico's high-tech industries.

 New era, new mission, new journey. In the beginning of his dream, Veken will continue to inherit the science and technology genes, embrace the era of smart economy in a more open and hard-working posture, and invest heavily in the development of new energy, new materials, intelligent technologies and other high-tech industries in the wave of scientific and technological iterations, truly becoming the future wisdom and technology. Industry investment leader! We believe that Veken will be able to continue its dedication to make 2025 for China and contribute to the new era of smart economy.