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The Formal Establishment of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute

On the morning of May 12th, 2018, "The Opening Ceremony of the Formal Establishment of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute and the Intelligent Manufacturing Symposium Driven by Industrial Internet and Big Data" sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government and organized by the Haishu District People's Government, the Ningbo Economic and Information Commission and the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute was held in Ningbo City.

At the unveiling ceremony, the founder of SUPCON and Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute called Zhu Jian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering called Ni Guangnan, the Deputy Director of the Information and Software Service Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology called Ren Lihua, and the Vice Secretary and Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee called Qiu Dongyao made speeches successively. Some other academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering such as Chen Chun and Yang Huayong and two municipal leaders called Chen Zhongchao and Zhang Liangcai respectively as well as the Secretary of the Haishu District Party Committee called Sun Liming also attended it.

The Chairman and CEO of the group took part in the unveiling ceremony as the sponsor and shareholder representative of the group. The research institute built by Professor Zhu Jian's team, the SDIC Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Veken China jointly will lead the new journey of the construction of "Made in China in 2025" in Ningbo.

As the incubation base of high-tech companies, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute will form three major industries including the industrial operation system, the industrial control security and the intelligent control chip at the early stage and be focused on the high-tech sub-area at the later stage. It will constantly cultivate some strategic high-tech companies involved with robots, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and industrial data, sensor technology and chips, industrial AI, industrial information security, industrial Internet of intelligence, industrial software and industrial Internet of Things so as to further support the rapid development of the intelligent science and technology industry in Veken China, in Ningbo City and even in the whole country.