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SDIC&Veken-invested Cambricon Released A New Generation of AI Chip

On May 3rd, 2018, as an enterprise invested by Veken China, the GP Manager's SDIC Venture Capital Fund, Beijing Cambricon held a product conference in Shanghai and released the Chinese first cloud-based smart chip called Cambricon MLU100 (As well as board card products) and the third-generation IP product called Cambricon 1M.

The release of MLU100 marked that Cambrian became the Chinese first commercial company with terminal and cloud-based intelligent processor products, and the Cambrian "Cloud-based Collaboration" Product Strategy was implemented formally, which would support the formation of the downstream application ecosphere strongly.

At present, the terminal intelligent processor IP product launched by Cambrian is applied at tens of millions of smart terminals (Including the four mobile phones of Huawei, Mate10, P20 and Honor V10).

With a fund scale of 12 billion yuan, the SDIC Venture Capital Fund was set up by CHINA SDIC GAOXIN INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT CORP., LTD. Around the strategic objective of the transformation of national major scientific and technological achievements, it is focused on the investment in the forward-looking strategic high-tech industry. Veken China invested in the SDIC Venture Capital Fund formally as the GP Manager in 2016.
As the first unicorn new company in the global AI chip field, Cambrian is focused on the research and development of the special chip for the deep study. It solves the shortcoming of the large-scale data processing ability of the AI chip effectively, which is selected into "The Fifteen Global Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements" of the Third World Internet Conference (WIC).