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Veken Technology and Zhejiang Nachuang Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

 Since its listing, Veken Technology Co., Ltd. has always focused on new energy lithium battery as its main business and 3C digital battery and power battery as its core business. While expanding and strengthening its main business, the company has also continued to pay attention to the development of sodium ion battery technology.

 In view of its own advantages and good market prospects of sodium ion battery, the company initially explored and cooperated with Zhejiang Sodium Innovative Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Nachuang") on "sodium ion battery manufacturing technology" in 2019. Zhejiang Nachuang is an innovative enterprise established under the encouragement of the new policy of Shanghai Jiaotong University on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and one of the leading enterprises in the field of sodium electricity in China. The business focuses on the design and manufacturing of sodium ion battery core materials and battery cells, and the application of full industrial chain technology research and development, and establishes the production and sales network of sodium cathode materials and electrolyte. Zhejiang Nachuang has 3 U.S. patents, 23 authorized patents, and more than 40 patents. It has built the world's first set of ton level sodium ferrite base oxide solicitation material production demonstration county, and completed the design of the production process package with an annual output of 3000 tons of positive materials and 5000 tons of electrolyte. Adhering to the concept of "sodium electricity, creation, green and energy", Zhejiang Nachuang, guided by market demand, develops, produces and sells a new generation of power and energy storage battery systems, provides green and sustainable energy solutions for smart grid energy storage, electric vehicles, distributed energy storage and special purpose chemical power supply, and is committed to building a globally influential sodium ion battery innovation enterprise.

 Up to now, the company has successfully trial produced sodium ion battery with Zhejiang Nachuang, and the test results are excellent. Based on the consensus on the future prospects of sodium ion batteries and the good foundation of the early cooperation between the two sides, the two sides, with the idea of consolidating technology, digging deep into value and seeking the future together, carried out in-depth and multi-dimensional cooperation in the design, research and development, production and application of sodium ion batteries, and jointly drew a global blueprint for sodium ion batteries. To this end, the company also set up a sodium electricity research center, equipped with a professional team, to in-depth study the technical problems of sodium electricity industrialization process engineering.

 On September 9, 2022, Veken Technology and Zhejiang Nachuang signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for Deep Cooperation in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

 The contract agreed that both parties would deepen the cooperation in sodium ion battery research and development, share their technical accumulation in sodium ion battery research and development, jointly apply for major government scientific research projects, and co-participate in the formulation of relevant industrial standards and specifications for sodium ion batteries.

       The cooperation between Veken Technology and Zhejiang Nachuang is conducive to the mutual benefit and win-win situation by giving full play to their respective advantages, sharing resources, complementing advantages, and jointly realizing the final vision of mass production of sodium ion batteries and wide application of sodium ion batteries.