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Veken group and Ningbo urban investment company signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On the afternoon of August 31, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Veken group and Ningbo Urban Construction Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was held in Veken group. He Chengming, chairman of Vico group, and Zheng Mingjun, general manager of Ningbo urban investment signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the spirit of the strategic agreement, the two sides, based on the principle of integrating superior resources and achieving scale development, and with the goal of constantly improving the construction level and development quality, jointly promote Ningbo's old city transformation, urban renewal, improvement of inefficient land remediation, and related projects of science and technology real estate, and cooperate on the investment, development, construction, operation and supporting service system construction of the industrial park.

We will effectively combine Ningbo urban investment's local advantages and capital advantages with Veken's brand advantages and system and mechanism advantages, strive to explore the business model of "state-owned holding + market-oriented operation", and help improve the city's industrial level. At the same time, through the innovative mixed reform of both sides, we will strive for the key support plan of Ningbo's "three rivers and one sea" mixed reform, further enhance the advantages of Ningbo's state-owned capital in the field of strategic emerging industries, and contribute to Ningbo's high-quality development and construction of a leading City for common prosperity.

Chen Hongshui, chief engineer of Ningbo urban investment, the main principals of strategic investment department, Fidelity Share, Yongcheng asset management, urban investment and real estate and Yongjiang Software Park, Ma Donghui, vice president of Veken group, Veken real estate and Yunyi company attended the signing ceremony.