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Jiangxi Weile has the conditions to pass the official review of LG OEM!

 From July 25 to 29, 2022, it was an unusual week for Weile, and the company welcomed the official review of LG. Finally, with QSA: 77 points and QPA: 78 points, we passed the formal audit of LG with conditions (if two items reach 70 points, we can pass the conditional audit and smoothly enter the end customer audit stage)!

 The company officially launched the project at the end of 2021, and as the "No. 1 project" in 2022, in the face of LG's major customer standards and systematic review requirements, the Weile team rose to the challenge, quickly assembled a capable team, concentrated all the resources and forces of shareholders and the company, and went all out to pass in the shortest time.

In order to better meet the audit and boost the morale, the company organized the audit training and mobilization meeting on the morning of July 23. In addition, eye-catching banners were hung in the combat area to cheer the project team, and the "OEM Project endeavor energy supply point" was established to provide logistical support for the team.

 During the audit process, the project team tracked the whole process and recorded the feedback of customer problems in time throughout the whole process. The OEM problem review meeting is held every night to rectify the problems raised by the audit team on that day in a timely and effective manner, and focus on the deployment and emphasis of the audit on the next day. Through unremitting efforts, the team won the approval of the audit team and achieved this important milestone with sincere and friendly communication, high-quality customer service, efficient system management and excellent on-site quality control!