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Ningbo Veken new energy makes an amazing appearance with its new dual electric system E-bike! (2022 Eurobike)

     Eurobike, one of the three largest bicycle exhibitions in the world, was held in Frankfurt on July 13, Germany time for five days. Eurobike, as an international industry platform, is an annual event for brands, traders, purchasers and bicycle lovers in the whole industry. In this exhibition, Veken new energy appeared at the European exhibition with its new dual electric system E-bike lithium battery products. New products! New technology! New patent! Booth popularity continues to burst!

       Veken new energy appeared at Eurobike with a number of full series of battery products, and for the first time demonstrated such heavy new products as "dual electric system" E-bike lithium battery products, which attracted the attention of the industry. At the same time, it provided sample experience, dual electric system simulation display and professional product explanation on site. This new dual electric system realizes the technical innovation of simultaneous operation of dual batteries. It adopts the automatic battery switching technology based on CAN bus to enable batteries of different capacities and voltage platforms to operate compatibly. Through the self -owned "black technology" of Veken new energy, the two batteries can be charged and discharged at the same time without hardware parallels, effectively improving the range and riding speed of the moped, Bring users a better experience.

New technology of dual electric system helps high speed and high endurance!

       Veken has always attached great importance to product safety, and has won a good brand reputation in the industry by adhering to innovative technology, excellent quality, professional solutions and dedicated service support. Relying on the strategic resource guarantee of Veken group and the strong technical support of the listed company Veken technology, the company uses advanced production equipment and testing equipment, adopts advanced management mode and perfect after-sales service system. The company has passed the ISO 9001 2015 quality management system standard certification, ISO 14001 2015 environmental management system certification, ISO 45001 2018 occupational health and safety management system standard certification, etc., and has established a verification and testing center, It focuses on 38 experimental certifications such as the electrical performance, environmental reliability, mechanical reliability and safety performance of new energy pack battery packs and cells, and provides comprehensive quality assurance for pack battery packs and cells. It has more than 150 inventions, utility models and appearance patents. At the same time, it adopts the international advanced industrial 4.0 concept to further enhance the strength of Veken brand.

In this exhibition, Veken knows that this is a good opportunity for China's intelligent manufacturing to show its style in the global new energy market again. It focuses on the concept of faster, longer and more efficient, and brings a diversified series of products to this exhibition. Its strength has attracted industry figures from European countries and even the world!