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24 years of concentric development, 1 + 3 create the future together - the group organized 518 celebration series activities

  On May 18, the 24th anniversary of the founding of Veken group was celebrated. In line with the concept of "development with concerted efforts, diligence and Thrift", Veken Group continued to inherit Veken culture while further uniting forces, stimulating endogenous motivation and building a winning team. On May 18, Veken group celebrated the 24th anniversary of the founding of the group with the theme of "24 years of concentric development, 1 + 3 creating the future together". The group's board of directors and supervisors, the president's team, the relevant personnel of the investment headquarters, the industrial teams, the partners of Veken co-creation, Veken Textile Co-creation, and the second phase of the special training class attended.

 At 12:30 p.m. on May 18, under the leadership and explanation of Dong Liang, the group's director of operations, the members from outside the group headquarters visited the group's newly revised exhibition hall, intuitively felt the historical evolution and the group's strategic development, and experienced the group's latest development strategic guidance.

 Later, at the main venue, Mr. Dong was entrusted by the group's board of directors to officially release the group's "1 + 3 strategy and management system". From the reason and significance of the 1 + 3 integration, Mr. Dong explained that the group must focus on the development keynote of "focus + coordination", accelerate the integration of the 1 + 3 strategy and management system, implement the development and management responsibilities of the investment headquarters and the three major industries, take performance as the guide, and "make every profit and effort", concentrate resources on saturation attack, stimulate team self-drive, seize the strategic niche, and cultivate the core competitiveness of the industry, Enhance the aggregate benefits of the group; And further elaborated the principles and Strategies of the "1 + 3" system construction and the "1 + 3" strategic niche.

 After the formal release of the 1 + 3 strategy and management system, the group held a grand signing ceremony for the implementation of the 1 + 3 partnership mechanism. 11 existing core partners, 5 preparatory partners for the introduction of talents, 10 shortlisted high potential partners of electronic fence and the first six partners of the investment headquarters signed the partnership agreement and PBC assessment commitment respectively, and the first six partners of the investment headquarters signed the partnership agreement and PBC assessment commitment. The meeting emphasized that it is both honor and mission to be selected as a partner and become a partner of Veken. It is both an incentive,It is also a responsibility. As a partner, we are not lying on the merit book and do not want to make progress, but we should take greater responsibility, focus on our main business, work together with all our strength, make concerted effort to the 1 + 3 strategic development of Veken, and accelerate our growth into the second-generation core management team of Veken with one achievement after another.

  At the end of the celebration, He Dong, chairman of the group, delivered an important speech. He Dong pointed out that 24 years ago, the founding team of Veken reorganized and established Veken group with the courage and determination of breaking the last ditch and fighting a last ditch battle; Over the past 24 years, operating teams at all levels have worked hard, struggled hard, sought innovation and change, and innovated to achieve the steady development of Veken. We have gained more and more understanding and support from the team. We have overcome various challenges from inside and outside. In the face of many uncertain situations at home and abroad, we have stronger confidence and strength, and we have gathered more team forces to meet the new round of challenges. As the founding team of the holding company, I sincerely thank every Veken family member.

  He emphasized that in the past 24 years of hard struggle, we have constantly brought our advantages into play, tapped our potential, and constantly formed new development strategies. The 1 + 3 strategy and management system released today hopes to accelerate the formation of an investment headquarters led by President LV and three industrial teams with president Jin, President Chen and President song as the core, accelerate the construction of an investment headquarters with high-tech, industrial supply chain and resource assets as the core, and focus on the three major industries with new material fiber technology, new energy lithium battery technology and new IOT high-tech cloud warehouse as the core. We must be problem-oriented, command the air from the ground, call for shells from the front line, and solve all kinds of key problems in the process of transformation. We also need to be performance-oriented, condense goals, provide resources, make every advantage and effort, and truly make all people and all jobs responsible for performance. We also need to be strategic oriented, constantly innovate our systems and mechanisms, give full play to the advantages of the team, focus on thousands of troops and saturation attacks, and strive to achieve the strategic goal of focusing on Coordination proposed by the board of directors.

  Mr. He pointed out that as the chairman of Veken, he once told the team that he would hold 10 special training classes of Veken, with about 50 students in each class, and 500 in ten years. It is hoped that among these students, we can compete with the second-generation team of Veken and lead Veken to achieve further development. We believe that through the richer efforts and innovative development of the new generation of teams, Veken’s vision of "creating great undertakings and sharing the future" will be realized through the efforts of generations.

 At the end of the meeting, Mr. He, chairman of the group, Mr. Chen, chairman of the board of supervisors, Mr. LV, President and Mr. Jin, vice president of the group also had a face-to-face discussion with the students of the second class.