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Veken group won the honor of "top 50 manufacturing tax payers" in Ningbo in 2021

   On the afternoon of April 20, the promotion conference of building a global intelligent manufacturing and innovation capital and the 2021 entrepreneurship and innovation billboard award conference were held in Ningbo, which deployed the goals and tasks of building a "global intelligent manufacturing and innovation capital" and issued the initiative of "striving for a first-class enterprise" to the vast number of enterprises. At the same time, the list of the city's "top 50 manufacturing tax payers" in 2021 was released, and Veken group was once again on the list.

   "This conference focuses on the first priority of development, innovation as the first driving force, and the development foundation of the real economy and manufacturing industry. It is the opening mobilization for the construction of the 'six capitals'." Peng Jiaxue, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal CPC Committee, spoke out the extraordinary significance of this heavyweight conference.

   In the face of severe domestic and international situations, Veken group has always focused on the keynote of scientific and technological innovation and development, seeking progress while maintaining stability and forging ahead, actively promoting the "focus + coordination" strategy, relying on the platform of high-tech investment (state investment fund, industrial fund) and high-tech base (science and Innovation Industrial Park), focusing on new textile materials (precision wire mesh, home textile and clothing fabrics), new energy lithium batteries (3C digital batteries, power batteries and energy storage batteries) The three main businesses of warehousing new IOT (intelligent platform for bulk warehousing links and warehousing logistics) continue to optimize the industrial structure and consolidate the industrial foundation, laying the foundation and driving force for long-term development of "striving for a first-class enterprise".