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The Legion set out to win the future - the 2021-2022 commendation and appointment oath taking meeting of Veken group was held grandly

       On the afternoon of February 27, Veken group's 2021-2022 commendation and employment oath taking meeting was held in the hall on the first floor of the group headquarters building. The conference not only commended all kinds of advanced, but also launched Corps projects and hired cadres at all levels. At the same time, it also publicized and implemented the partnership mechanism, arranged three phases of special training, and made joint efforts to pledge to move forward, so as to stimulate and mobilize all members of Veken to work together and realize the group's 3 + 1 development strategy of focusing and coordination.

       1、 Advanced commendation

       In 2021, we focused on the main business, cultivated the core competitiveness of the industry, deepen the reform of the strategic operation management system and mechanism, increased the efforts of strategic talent introduction and cultivation, take performance as the guide, establish and break through short, medium and long-term incentive schemes, continue to stimulate the self-drive of the operation team, and strive to achieve the group's strategic objectives. With performance results as the guide, and Veken's cultural values as the yardstick, Teams at all levels did their duties, dared to assume responsibilities, and stress contributions, Facing difficulties and marching against the wind, we have achieved good results.

       The conference first commended 10 team award representatives and 30 individual representatives. The awards include strategic project award, performance growth award, industrial Collaboration Award, concentric struggle award, science and technology initiative award, compliance control award, talent Bole award, hard work award, and Veken new talent award. It encourages the vast number of cadres and workers to cheer up, strengthen confidence, work together, and catch up with and surpass development under the new situation and new tasks!

       2、Appointment of army cadres
       With concerted efforts, the regiment set out at the right time. Only when we grasp the strategic focus can we affect the whole body from one start; Only by finding the right direction of main attack can one chess fall and be fully activated. In 2022, the group focused on mining a number of group level strategic projects and met new challenges in the form of regimental projects. Through army operations, we can quickly gather resources, improve efficiency, do a deep job in a field, and create new growth engines for the company to produce more “food”. Generals are made by fighting. At the moment of rapid development of the group, we urgently need strong generals who will use us in the first battle and win with us. We urgently need brave generals who will attack and overcome difficulties. We urgently need tiger generals who will cut through thorns and waves.

       3、 Struggle pledge
       The group has continuously deepened the short, medium and long-term incentive mechanism. In order to solve the increasingly serious problems of "rigidity of equity, mismatch of old people and mismatch of new people" in the equity structure, the group has increased the equity ratio of young teams, increased the proportion of "cart pullers", truly broken down the barriers of enterprises, and made every effort to make every profit; To carry forward the Veken culture of "never forgetting the original intention, creating and sharing together, and facing the future", and further stimulate the self drive of employees, Jin Bo, vice president of the group, and Dong Liang, chief operating officer of the group, respectively publicized Veken textile and Veken's co-creation partnership mechanism. Guo Jianfeng and Yang Qiang, representatives of textile partners in the first phase, and Fu Kewei, representatives of CO creation partners, expressed their gratitude for the group's love and trust and created a better future for the group.

       With the deepening and decoding of the group's focus on collaboration strategy, a new strategic consensus has taken shape. On February 25, the group's board of directors officially confirmed the 3 + 1 development strategy of focusing more on collaboration in response to the group's 3 + 1 incentive mechanism and 3 + 1 management system, identified the investment headquarters and Veken technology, Veken textile and Veken high-tech cloud warehouse as the strategic development responsible persons who focus more on collaboration, and also identified the strategy, identification mechanism to participate in the employment mechanism of equity mortgage, incremental incentive and excessive sharing, we need to mobilize thousands of troops and concentrate all resources to launch saturation attacks on technology, textiles and high-tech IOT and win greater victories. We need to integrate high-quality assets such as high-tech investment, scientific and technological real estate, East China Sea leasing and bulk trade into the headquarters platform to create a new investment headquarters.