Veken News

Ye Zhili, deputy secretary of Haishu District Party committee and head of Haishu District, and his party investigated Veken group

       On the morning of February 18, 2022, Ye Zhili, deputy secretary of Haishu District Party committee and head of Haishu District, and his party visited Veken group to carry out research on "helping enterprises get off to a good start". Accompanying them were Xu Hongtao, member of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and deputy head of the District, main leaders of the district government office, the District Commerce Bureau, the District Investment Promotion Center, the district development and Reform Bureau, Gulou sub-district and other departments, He Chengming, chairman of the group, LV Jun, President, Ma Donghui, vice president, Li Xiaohui, chief financial officer ,Operation Director Dong Liang gave a warm reception. 

       Mr. he accompanied Mr. Ye and his party to visit the exhibition hall of the group and introduced the development of the three major industries of the group, namely, new materials, new energy and new IOT, as well as the two platforms of high-tech investment and high-tech base, especially the investment of the state-owned investment funds and projects.

       After listening to the introduction, district chief Ye fully affirmed the development achievements of Veken group in recent years and its contributions to Haishu District, saying that the investment attraction in the district should focus on commerce and trade, take manufacturing industry as the root, do a good job in industry city integration, quickly establish a good communication mechanism, actively match high-quality resources of enterprises, follow closely with funds and projects, and take Haishu's perfect industrial chain as the medium to attract more large enterprises Good projects are settled locally.

       President He thanked the Haishu District government for its support and trust, and said that in the future development of Veken, it will actively connect with the Haishu District government, guide new development projects to the District, give full play to Veken's advantages in funds and projects, promote the industry to become bigger and stronger, and make contributions to Haishu District.

       Finally, district director Ye pointed out that Haishu, as a transportation hub in the urban area, has a superior geographical position and hopes to create unlimited development opportunities for Haishu through the integration of funds, industries and projects. It is expected that the development of Veken and the future of Haishu will match a good cooperation bridge, promote all-round cooperation between the two sides, and enhance closer relationship in an effort to achieve the rapid development of enterprises!